Sarvel Process Systems LLC (Sarvel) is an industrial biotechnology company applying a solvent leaching method for the removal of inorganic reactive minerals from biomass feedstocks. The treated feedstocks are uniform, stable, and suitable as fuel in Thermochemical Combustion, Gasification and Pyrolysis conversion systems. The process focuses on the production of a consistent high quality clean energy product. The Sarvel process eliminates ash problems, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, curtails corrosion to process equipment, boosts efficiency, and improves operational economics. Sarvel's process was developed by renowned scientist Dr. Stelios Arvelakis to sustainably transform organics into renewable energy products with no waste or negative environmental impacts.

Sarvel's process converts organic material into clean renewable biofuel used in off grid electrical and thermal applications. Sarvel Biofuel can also be co-fired in coal-fired boilers to offset greenhouse gas emissions and reduce maintenance.

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Sarvel Biofuel:

Provides a more local solution to the disposal of organic waste reducing disposal costs and extending landfill lifespans.

Creates sustainable renewable energy resources in underutilized off grid locations in under-served communities.