Sarvel BioRenewals (AKA Sarvel Process Systems LLC )

Sarvel BioRenewals (SBR) answers the production and economic challenges of sustainably converting mixed-stream organic refuse into resources: renewable energy, biochar, and bio-oils.

Applying proven, guaranteed technology sequentially, the Sarvel BioRenewals (SBR) system converts renewable organics into high-value products at scale, on a local, decentralized basis for generations to come. Renewable energy is produced while reducing landfill waste that harms the environment.

The mission of Sarvel BioRenewals (SBR) is to build and replicate biomass processing plants on underutilized sites adjacent to sustainable organic resources, converting refuse into resources for communities, businesses, and profits.

Working with small dairies and farms, shuttered sawmills, recycling yards, and other types, SBR creates production plants in collaboration with communities to reduce their local organic waste, improve community resiliency through adding sustainable jobs and reducing landfill waste that generates harmful methane emissions while creating long-term return on investment for stakeholders.

SBR teams with the 501c3 nonprofit, Miracle Food Network (MFN) to intercept and divert the massive amount of surplus food in the supply chain without hesitation. MFN sorts and distributes food fit for human consumption to food-insecure households in the local vicinity, while SBR converts the unusable remainder through its biomass plants. This combination of for-profit and nonprofit missions equips an SBR plant to be welcomed by communities and support climate justice. An added benefit is MFN, as a 501c3, is also eligible to bring grant funding and attention to team efforts.

SBR and MFN sites are located in proximity to one another, and designed to be replicated, self-sufficient, and guaranteed to work for decades. SBR’s proven technology and equipment comes with a 25-year warranty. Siting and sizing plants are specific to a sustainable supply of organic and human resources to support continuous and profitable operations. SBR delivers the Triple Bottom Line for people, profit, and the environment.

Site Economics

Total Capex for the first SBR host site is $34.4 million. SBR has a secured loan in the amount of $25 million and seeks an additional

$9.4 million to provide working capital and a $5 million deposit to help secure the loan with the first lien on the land & plant. The plant’s equipment has a 25-year warranty from the manufacturer which includes installation and the plant’s volume production of products. Products are readily marketable in accordance with Federal and State mandates to purchase bioproducts and green renewable energy.

SBR has an experienced management team driven to make this happen with proven technology, to produce products sold into an accessible marketplace. Financing terms are negotiable. Here is an example:

After loan payments, the SBR project has an annual cash flow of $5.6 million, starting approximately 18 months after fully funded. Annual cash flow increases substantially after the $25 million loan is fully paid, after 7 years or less.

Suggested Funding Structure (negotiable)

  • Amount: $9.4 million
  • Loan: 15% interest, compounding monthly during an 18-month grace period due in 90 months
  • Interest and principal: Paid quarterly, in the amount of $2.8 million annually, with Project cash flow providing 200% coverage, which minimizes risk.
  • Equity kicker: 10% after payment of the loan in full

For more information contact:

Doug Robertson, President:


Tom Crom, CFO: