About Us

Our Mission:

Sarvel Process Systems delivers technology solutions to site specific projects processing mixed stream organics, so all the outputs fit industrial customer requirements without environmental damage.


Doug Robertson

Doug has a broad and exhaustive background in biomass and innovative approaches to organic waste conversions to higher values. Having served in both private and public companies in organic processing industries, he has lead teams designing/implementing  business strategies, making capacity  improvements, and building collaborative business relationships. Doug has served on numerous public committees and task forces working towards organic waste reductions and uses, including the Department of Energy. His creativity, tenacity, trustworthiness, and endurance underpins the Sarvel platform.

Dr. Stelios Arvelakis
Chief Science Officer

Dr. Arvelakis understands the problems associated with the use of organics after years of study and testing. He obtained a doctorate in Chemical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece after submitting his PhD Thesis on “Improving the biomass gasification/combustion technology via appropriate physico-chemical pre-treatments of the raw material” in 2001. Dr Arvelakis has worked closely with the Electric Power Research Institute, and has published numerous scientific papers on the subject of biomass utilization. He brings the highest standards for system design and production outputs, and is a valuable member of our team.

Thomas Crom III
Chief Financial Officer

Thomas (Tom) understands the world of finance from an extensive background in international business with over twenty five years’ experience (CPA-former , CMA, and MS-tax) dealing with capital raising, public and private start-ups, restructurings, international operations, investor relations, technology, sales and natural resources. He has worked both in private and public organizations, understanding the importance of proper documentation and accountability. Tom understands the implementation of new technology in manufacturing processes, having experience in the global mining industry in similar circumstances. He understands the business terms and conditions necessary for good governance and sustainable relationships. Tom brings a standard for reliability and transparency to our business partners.